9 Tips That Will Increase Your Facebook Traffic Today

9 Tips That Will Increase Your Facebook Traffic Today

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Facebook is the biggest social platform online.

But with a big audience also comes fierce competition.

In this article you’ll learn how to improve your Facebook Page and help you reach more people with it.

9 FacebookTraffic Tips

1. Update Your About Page

Facebook has started focusing more and more on page trust. 

They want to show high quality content in the news feed. And as a part of that development, they have hinted that one of the factors their quality system considers is “how complete the Page profile is… “

You need to build a trustworthy page if you want people to see your content in the news feed. And part of a trusted page is how complete it is.

(NOTE: In our Facebook Repair Process you’ll learn exactly how to increase your page trust.

Most pages already have profile and banner pictures as they have always been important. But now that page trust is gaining importance, you should consider looking at the complete page profile – especially the About Page as this is where most pages lack behind.

About Page

The most important fields are Short Description and Website as you can see these on the timeline page (The timeline page is your Page front page.)

Use the short description to write an exciting ‘about us’ with a call-to-action to encourage likes and/or website visits.

Here’s what the ProfitChampion About looks like:


Just type the URL as text in the Short Description field and Facebook will make it a clickable link.

2. Stay Consistent With Scheduling

Consistent updates are a must on Facebook. Your post reach will drop if you do not post updates on a regular basis.

Also, each Facebook update is only seen by a portion of your fans so you need to post often to reach all of your fans.

Facebook’s scheduling feature allows you to plan and perform your updates ahead.


Just write your update as usual and click the arrow next to Publish to access the Schedule feature. You can then set time and date for the post.

3. Post Engaging Content

The more likes, shares and comments your content gets, the more viral traffic you receive.

Facebook is a social platform and social engagement is therefore still as important as it has always been.

But how to you keep coming up with new and interesting content?

Answer: Use our templates for quick and easy inspiration. We’ve developed 11 ‘social trigger templates’ you can use to create engaging content every time:


Download Our 11 Social Trigger Templates Here

Here is a quick example:

Trigger #9: Give a Reason

Just give a reason why your fans and followers should share.

This simple image received more than 300 shares and 12.000+ viral impressions:


See it for yourself:

Download Our 11 Social Trigger Templates Here

4. Study Your Competitors

You should know who are doing well on Facebook in your field. And you should study what they are doing to perform better.

Facebook has their own ‘spy’ function that allows you to monitor your competitors. The function is called Pages to Watch and you can find it by going to your Insights tab and scrolling all the way down:


Here you can see how often they post, their engagement and more. You can even click on a page and see this week’s top posts:


This is one of the best places to find inspiration for your page as the ideas are already proven to work on related pages. You can also use this to take note of how often other pages post in your niche.

5. Boost Your Best Posts

Facebook can bring a lot of traffic free, but with just a few extra dollars you can expand your reach by a lot.

Facebook’s many ad choices may look overwhelming at first, but if you just starting you don’t have to make it complicated.

In fact, you can boost your best posts directly from the post itself, completely skipping the ad manager:


6. Use The Right Post Type

A while back the only post type on Facebook worth your time was images.

The news feed algorithm favored images too much and it was almost always better to post an image with a link in the text field than it was to use the actual link post type.

Luckily, that is not the case anymore.

Facebook has been working hard on bringing down spam, click-baiting and low-quality content.

This means that you should now always use the right post type. If you have a link to share, make it a link update.

To create a link post, simply paste the URL into the post area and adjust the text and/or image.


You can (and should) remove the link in the text area and replace it with some text about the link. You can also edit image and the headline at the bottom of the the link post.

Moreover, you should not attempt to be ‘smart’ or tricky with your Facebook updates. See more about click-bait here.

7. Quality > Quantity

Related to the above. Facebook have introduced a lot to combat spam and low quality content. This means that low quality posts won’t reach as many people as they used to.

But what does Facebook consider low quality/spam?

Common intuition goes a long way here. If it looks like spam and smells like spam, then it probably is spam – also in the eyes of Facebook.

In addition, here are some concrete low quality flags:

  • Frequently circulated content – Facebook has stated that they want fresh content. Memes and other content that are often recycled will be considered lower quality.
  • Click-bait content – Do not try to bait people into clicking with deceptive content…
  • Like-baitFrom Facebook: “Like-baiting” is when a post explicitly asks News Feed readers to like, comment or share the post in order to garner additional distribution.” This means that you should not explicitly ask your fans to like your content.

You can see more about the spam update here and quality here.

8. Post When Your Fans Are Online

Your fans are more likely to see your content just after you published it. When it is fresh.

If you are posting at the wrong time it may take hours before your fans get online. At that point, other stories may be more fresh and therefore shown before yours.

So you should try to time your updates with your fans online times.

Luckily it is not that difficult.

Your page Insights can show you exactly when most of your fans are online:


And from this you can determine when to post.

Remember, you no not need to be online at these times. Just use the scheduling feature to post at the optimal times.

9. Realize That You Need To Study NFO

Most of the tips in this post are aimed at optimizing your Facebook page and posting habits so your content will reach more people.

Facebook has an algorithm to determine what to show in the news feed for it’s users. Just like Google has an algorithm to show relevant search results.

Google has been around for a long time, and by now everybody knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the art of optimizing your website to rank well in search engines like Google. But most people do not realize that some of the same thinking can be applied to Facebook.

The news feed algorithm ranks content based on different parameters set by Facebook. This means it favors some things and dislikes others. And knowing about these factors can help you reach more people with your page.

Call it NFO (News Feed Optimization).

Example: Freshness is a NFO factor. A post by a page posted 10 minutes ago has a higher freshness score than a post posted 10 days ago.

Just as with SEO, it is not possible to say 100% what works and what doesn’t. The algorithms are secret after all. Still, knowing a bit about them helps tremendously.

For an more in-depth explanation of NFO, see our “What Is Facebook ‘News Feed Optimization’ ? – And How To Do It” post. However, I will show you where to get the latest NFO updates and news right now.

Directly from the horse’s mouth: Facebook’s news section called newsroom. Newsroom has a section called News Feed FYI where you can find news about the news feed algorithm.


These updates are almost always very relevant for Facebook Pages.

The direct link to the section is: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/category/news-feed-fyi/

Closing Thoughts

Facebook is a great traffic source, if you know how to use the platform.

I’ve just spilled nine tips… now go use them.

(Note: Looking to get more traffic from Facebook? These 11 Templates will help you.)



  1. Great post man,
    Facebook is really a huge traffic source like you mentioned but, that’s when you understand how best to go about it.

    There is no doubt that if you follow all the tips in this post, you will be on your way to creating lots of Facebook followers and fans who will always be happy to follow your recommendations.

    It all starts from having a very interesting bio.Also, you need to identify who your target audience are and then, prove to them that you’re human and that you really care about them.

    If they can very well relate with you then, every other thing will become much easier for you.

  2. Above the image is your post text. It’s kind of similar to the description. Use it to elaborate on your offer, or explain more about your post. Just make sure not to exceed 90 characters. Anything longer than that, and Facebook will cut it off.

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