Everything You Need To Know About reddit (And How I Got 21k+...

Everything You Need To Know About reddit (And How I Got 21k+ Visitors from One Submission)

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reddit.com is one of my favorite traffic boosters. If you haven’t used the website before, now is the time to start – and this blog post is here to help you get started on the right foot.

How I Got 21k+ Visitors From A Single Submission

I want to share a small case study and show you how a 15-minute submission resulted in more than 21.000 visitors to a small website of mine.

So here it goes…

Content: The content was 3-part tutorial series. Each part was about 1.000 words with a couple of images.

Submission: I submitted a link to the first article with the headline: An often overlooked topic: Interface and Settings.  A compelling headline is quite important when you submit anything to reddit and I think this one did a pretty good job.

The actual submission only got 27 upvotes. That’s roughly ~100-500 upvotes from hitting the frontpage for that particular subreddit, but even with what looked like a poorly performing submission here’s what my analytics showed me:


5524 visitors in the first 24 hours is in my opinion a great result. Especially when you take into consideration that this was a completely new website with no traffic whatsoever (as the image clearly shows).

But wait a second… that’s not the 21k visitors I promised in the headline, where did the rest come from?

It came from the search rankings…

At first I added reddit to my toolbox as a “traffic spike” method that could get a nice boost but no consistent results. But then something happened that changed my view on it…

Google loves reddit?

I more or less left the website untouched even after my opening success. Honestly I don’t quite remember why, but I guess I just had other more exciting projects to work on.

Luckily I didn’t completely abandon the site, and soon I realised that the reddit submission had ranked my posts in the search results and I was now seeing around 2000 monthly visitors to the post series.


And remember all of this was the result of just a single submission to reddit with merely 28 votes.

So, if you are psyched about creating your own reddit success story I have a few content tips to share:

The Perfect Content For reddit*

*(for those of you wondering, yes reddit is always lowercase)

Visual content works wonders on reddit.

Simple as that.

People on reddit often have a rather short attention span.

If your content doesn’t quickly catch their attention they’ll move on. After all you are just one of many posts on reddit.

In this section I’ll shortly go over the 3 most used content types: images, videos and written text.

Let’s go.


Images do really well on reddit. This might very well be due to that fact that they are so easily “consumed”. No need to read anything.

But it’s not easy to get your message across with an image. People will see your image and then click the return-button back  to reddit.

And that’s not what we want. We want them to signup to our list, click our ads or something else. There are of course exceptions, and if you can make awesome images then give it a go!

Long time ago BlueGlass published a great inforgraphic case-study for reddit and luckily waybackmachine.org was able to help me find it. You can read it here if you are interested. (The page may take some time to load.)



Videos are extremely good for reddit too. Here you have more time to connect with your audience and prove that you are the real deal.

And if you can do this you’ll do REALLY well.

I strongly recommend that you upload your videos to YouTube. Redditors already trust YouTube and they also know the “subscribe” button.

If you know how to record/edit videos then it can very well give you some good traffic. A big bonus is that while some subreddits can have a very strict link-policy they don’t tend to be as hard on youtube videos. So if you aren’t allowed to post content from you own website you may still be allowed to submit youtube videos.

Just do as with everything else: make it awesome.

Written Content

I’ve personally had success with written content.

And I believe that some of the main factors to my successful posts are:

  • Use images! Spice up any boring text with related images. An image early on in your text is especially important. A good first impression is worth gold.
  • Make your text easy to “consume”. Make short sentences and short paragraphs. Something like 1-4 lines per paragraph. You can have more if your text width is really small.
  • Spend some time on your text and only submit your best work. The extra work will pay-off in the long run.

The Biggest Tip…

Make your content worth the read.

Small tweaks and changes can’t make up for poor content, so if you aren’t willing to spend some time creating a interesting content then reddit is not for you.

However, if you are ready to give a little, reddit will surely give a lot back.

That’s it for this time.


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