What Is Facebook ‘News Feed Optimization’ ? – And How To Do...

What Is Facebook ‘News Feed Optimization’ ? – And How To Do It

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Most people struggle with Facebook because they do not really know how the platform works.

A lot has changed since the early days where you could just spam your Page with viral images.

Today you will learn what happens behind the scenes and how to survive in the new social world of Facebook.


What is News Feed Optimization?

When you publish a post from your Facebook page, only a small portion of your fans will see it.

How big the reach actually is, is a bit of a controversial topic. The percentage seems to be around 16% of your fans on average. (The number may be even lower today.)

What’s important for this post is to note that a Facebook post is only seen by some people – and that Facebook has a way of determining which people to show the post to.

They do this with the News Feed Algorithm. (Also formerly known as ‘EdgeRank’ to some marketers, but News Feed Algorithm is the official name.)

Why is this algorithm important?

If you have been in the internet-marketing world for about 5 minutes, it is very likely that you know about “SEO”:

Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is essentially about optimizing your website for Google’s search engine algorithm to rank your pages higher and thereby get more traffic.

The News Feed Algorithm is the equivalent algorithm on Facebook.

If you know what it likes, you will be able to play nice, rank your Facebook posts higher in the news feed, and thereby reach more people with your posts.

And this is exactly what NFO is about:

News Feed Optimization.

Let us first look at what Facebook Help say about their own algorithm:


A rather vague explanation.

Luckily, by scouring Facebook’s news updates and best business practices, it is possible to piece together a more detailed overview of the algorithm.

Which is what I have done.

The 5 most important NFO points right now:

The News Feed Algorithm is without doubt a very advanced algorithm.

And as it is also secret, we’ll most likely never really know all the factors that determine which posts to show in the news feed.

But we can do our best to follow along and optimize accordingly.

This is what the SEO world has done for years.

So, the following is what I believe to be five of the most important NFO points right now.

I have concluded these by reading press releases from Facebook, analyzing some of the most viral pages and looking at best pratices for page posting.


Engagement is still key. Facebook is a built around likes, shares and comments. This still one of the bigger factors when it comes to good post reach and rankings.

You can use our 11 Social ‘Trigger’ Templates to boost your Facebook post engagement immidiately.

Use these Plug-And-Play Trigger Templates To Get More Likes, Shares and Comments
Use our 11 Plug-And-Play Trigger Templates To Get More Likes, Shares and Comments


When people engage with a post from your page, they are more likely to see future posts from your page.

The reverse also applies if you do not post often: your reach will drop passively. This means that consistency is a requirement if you want to see any ongoing results from Facebook.

Use Facebook's scheduling feature to stay consistent with your updates.
Use Facebook’s scheduling feature to ensure you always have new content posted on your page – even when you are not online.


In the war on spam, Facebook has decided that reused content will generally get a lower score. Freshness seems to apply to all kinds of content. Text, images and video.

Continuously creating new content is time consuming, and this can be a rather big challenge. Luckily, a few tools can help you create visually appealing content even if you are not a designer:

This example took less than 5 minutes to create in Quotescover.
This example took less than 5 minutes to create with Quotescover and Forbes Top 100 Inspirational Quotes.

Freshness also means posting your content at the right time: when your fans are online.

You should use your Facebook Insights to see when most of your fans are online and schedule your posts at these times.


According to Facebook, they have developed a special machine learning system that uses over a thousand factors to detect “high quality content”.

Furthermore, memes and click-bait is not something Facebook wants to show in the news feed.

Do not post recycled memes or other low quality content.
Do not post recycled memes or other low quality content.

This means that you should focus more on quality than quantity.

Earlier it was fine to just pump out reused content to get a lot of posts published. That is not the case anymore.

Page and Post Trust

Building trust and credibility with your audience is something Facebook looks at. Complaints will hurt individual posts as well as the entire page, so posting relevant and good content is important.

The 'Report post' function will hurt your page long term if you post untrustworthy or spammy content.
The ‘Report post’ function will hurt your page long term if you post untrustworthy or spammy content.


Stay ahead of the curve with NFO

These 5 points are important right now, and you should follow them with your Facebook Page.

But nothing is set in stone when it comes to SEO or NFO.

So to stay competitive you need to stay updated on the latest news.

First, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we will let you know when important changes happen.

Second, if you really want to get ahead, you can get News Feed news directly from the horse’s mouth, Facebook. This link is for the News Feed FYI category and very relevant for NFO: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/category/news-feed-fyi/


  1. A very fabulous post mate,
    I agree with all the points you raised here. Facebook is really one of the most popular and effective social media out there for internet marketing.

    However, if you must see any meaningful outcome from your Facebook marketing then, you need to always ensure that your news feeds are well optimized. This will give it the boost it requires in order to reach a more wider audience.

    Both making sure your feeds are engaging enough, you’re consistent and that what everything that you shared is of higher quality, all these and more will give you all the success you want from your Facebook campaigns.

    Thanks for sharing.

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